My name is Melissa Gelder. I’m a quilter, artist, lover of colour. I believe we, people, need to improve how we treat our environment, our land, ourselves.

My makers journey has involved patternmaking, fabric clothing, leather clothing, and in the early 2000’s I was introduced to quilting. Such fun making things in 2D, with so many colours and patterns to choose from. I needed to learn more.

After joining the Auckland Quilt Guild, I spent two years with them, running their Education program. Hello if you’ve participated as a teacher or student! We should never stop learning.

I discovered long arm quilt machines, followed by the computer guided system I work on now – a Gammill Statler. It dominates my sewing room.

Having retired to Northland in New Zealand (where natural beauty abounds), I quilt for others sometimes, myself sometimes. I create improvisational, contemporary textile art… when I’m not messing in the garden trying to grow food.